We like to keep things simple

14th Sep, 2015

Kentico offers a customer experience management platform with a superior level of content customization. That’s the ‘business speak’ explanation of it at least. The way we see it, Kentico allows us to deliver elegant and effective solutions to meet our clients needs.

As a Kentico gold partner we’ve advocated the platform for it’s ease of use, and now Gleanster agrees.

Gleanster, a leading market research company that produces sector-specific reports that look at best-practices for leading global business has recently announced Kentico’s CMS as Easiest to Deploy among nearly 40 competing industry standards.

This is great news that empowers both us, and our clients, letting us know that we are delivering campaigns and websites through the most effective and impactful platforms possible.

You can find out more and view the full Gleanster report on Kentico’s website.