We are Union. We deliver insight-led digital campaigns

15th Mar, 2013
by Matt Townsend

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From this point forward the company known as Federation Media will be known as Union.  We have cast off the shackles, and are stepping forward with a belly full of fire.

We are Union.  We deliver insight-led digital campaigns. 

After 8 years building Federation Media, we felt it was time for a change, time to shake things up a bit.

Not without it's fair share of stress, angst, false starts, questions and internalising we have completed our re-brand; we made it... and it feels good.  In fairness, we were lucky to have some of the best brains in the business to help us.

Leone Murphy – you rule. 
Tana Mitchell – so do you.

While the essence of who we are and what we do has not changed, with our new name and new look we’re really excited about what comes next, and while we don’t really expect you to be excited {it’s our name not yours}, we are keen to have you along for the ride.

But, why?

Things are changing so fast in this industry.  The tools are changing, the approach is changing, what we deliver is changing – we felt that we needed to move things on.  The thing is, while everything we have been doing is moving in the right direction, the name Federation Media felt like it was getting left behind. Federation felt a bit old – a bit new millennium.  And media... whatever...!

The more digital becomes a core part of our daily lives, the better we need to understand how to combine things in a way that creates value for users and consumers.  It is not enough to have a website and 50,000 fans on Facebook. It’s how we bring them together to create a meaningful experience that is important.

This is Union...

Data is everywhere, and social media has largely become noise.  The brands that flourish in the next wave of the digital revolution will be the brands that listen and understand.  Monitor, evaluate, analyse and plan. 

That is Union...

We always have, and always will employ smart people - people who know the medium and who work hard to get results.  But this is only one part of the picture.  Another {big} part is the clients we work with and our understanding of them.  Good results come from knowing an industry and knowing what our clients customers need – we build up this knowledge over time, using insights to create better results - consistently.  Campaigns generate insights; insights generate better campaigns – again, and again, and again.

We are Union...

So welcome to our new name.  We are in essence the same people you know and love – just with a bit more fire in our bellies and juice in the tank.

We will officially be trading as Union from 1 April 2013, however over the coming weeks we will gradually be rolling new collateral into the market.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask:

Todd Wackrow
General Manager
022 106 4868

We are Union.  We deliver insight led digital campaigns.

Press release: Federation Media re-brands as Union