It all starts with a great idea: Tui Catch-A-Million

10th Mar, 2014
by Todd Wackrow

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Full disclosure up front, the campaign idea mentioned in the title of this article wasn’t mine or Union’s. Tui Catch-A-Million was the love child of the team at DB Breweries and their below the line agency Apollo Marketing, so full credit needs to go to them.

However, I wanted to use this campaign as an example of a genuinely clever and creative idea. Given we at Union were responsible for the digital and social amplification of the campaign, I wanted to explain a bit around how we brought it to life online. Let’s start with the idea.

Start with a great idea

While it may seem obvious, if you don’t start with an idea at the base of a campaign that is going to engage and excite your target audience then you are f*cked. It doesn’t matter how much media money you throw at it, or whether you think you have a fully integrated, multi-channel, through the line, viral, game changing strategy to market, it just won’t work. To quote a new client of ours (whom I won’t name), it’s about as effective as putting glitter on a poo. 

For those of you who have lived under a rock for the last 3 months and don’t know about the Tui Catch-A-Million campaign, in a nutshell Tui put up $100,000 for each of the Summer One Dayer’s for anyone who caught a 6 in a crowd, one handed, whilst wearing a Tui Cricket Tee and Lanyard. To get a Tee punters needed to purchase a certain amount of Tui in participating bars and bottlestores (which drove sales), or they could buy the Tee only online or in some retail stores. They had to pick up an official lanyard on game day, which were limited to 20% of crowd attendance for safety reasons, and then await hopefully for a white ball to come at them at 100km an hour.

This idea didnt involve mind-blowing new technology or anything. How nobody had done the “catch a 6” promo properly before is insane, but at its essence it had enough going to captivate the target audience and therefore was hugely successful.

 Amplifying Ideas via Digital

The role we at Union play around bringing great ideas to live focuses on digital channels such as the brand’s own websites or social media channels, whether that be Facebook, Twitter or whatever else is suitable. For Tui Catch-A-Million our first job was to help drive awareness of the campaign, with our activity kicking in 2 weeks before the first match. Among key digital channels used was a campaign page on the website, and emails sent to the Tui database, but it was through social, in particular Facebook, where we got to have some fun with the campaign.

Whilst “engagement” gets thrown around willy nilly in relation to social media, it really depends how you use it. Given the way younger audiences are avoiding traditional media channels like TV and radio ads, there is a role for social media in being just a broadcast channel communicating to these people where they actually spend time. And elements of the Tui campaign were just this, getting the campaign details, and promotional TVC made for Sky TV, in front of them.

it’s about as effective as putting glitter on a poo.

But given the summer of cricket extended over 6 weeks, the online audience would soon get sick of “advertising”; so we looked at creative ways we could keep talking about the campaign in an engaging way. Some examples of this were around the launch when we rolled out some “best crowd catches”, some of which were cricket related and some of which were only loosely related but just plain entertaining.

As soon as the first catch was taken the campaign went ballistic, and as well as profiling the catch itself to prove it wasn’t impossible, we also had some fun with it.


The campaign itself finished after the last ODI in late January, but we have extended the campaign through some ongoing highlights which are allowing us to continue to talk about the campaign in an entertaining way.

In summary, when you start with such a phenomenal idea our job becomes much easier, but a great digital amplification campaign needs to go deeper than just some basic posts, and this is the kind of work we at Union pride ourselves on.