#TrendyTimes for #Facebook

26th Jul, 2013
by Reece Witters

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As the trendy subject line teases, Facebook has introduced the #hashtag across the entire platform - Profiles and Pages – as of Friday 14 June, 2013.

Largely popular on a number of other social networks for some time now, hashtags are more than just content filters or trending topics, they have become social cues for humor and everyday street speak, online or not. In a nutshell, hashtags in their purest form are used to connect online discussions. They've cut their teeth on Twitter, but what will they bring to Facebook?

Firstly, how will they work?

Clicking on a hashtag in your timeline brings up a stream of general hashtag content, with your friends’ posts weighed higher than the rest of the results. If the hashtag is promoted by enough individuals, they can "trend" and attract more individual users to discussion using the hashtag.

What can we use them for?

Campaign / event content filters:

e.g. #TackleATui, #HeinekenOpenNZ, #TigerTranslate

Separating categories within a brand page:

e.g. #Export33, #ExportGold, #ExportDry, #MonteithsOriginal, #BrewersSeries, etc, etc

What are the risks?

Unmoderated discussion forums - see these two examples...

#QantasLuxury #Susanalbumparty

What’s next?

  • It’s likely we’ll see a menu of trending topics (like Twitter)
  • Hashtag analytics – fingers crossed!
  • Targeting sponsored posts around hashtags? This would be ideal where a hashtag is at the centre of a fully integrated campaign across all mediums
  • #WatchThisSpace