Tiger Translate

2nd Oct, 2012
by Matt Townsend


Bringing creative Artists from the East and West together, showcasing artistic collaborations spanning the areas of music, design and art.


Create a truly collaborative arts & music platform 

Combine the best of social design and crowd-sourced judging 

imagine... A platform where any artist in New Zealand can collaborate with any musician...


Musicians were invited to create a track that captures the unfolding energy of the streets. Artists were invited to find a musician’s entry that gets their creative juices flowing and create an album cover to accompany the track which also showcases the streets. Once the music tracks and album covers were submitted, the public were invited to vote on their favourite and help decide the winner. The winner was announced at a showcase event.

A Facebook app was created to display the album cover and music track entries and act as the voting system. On the Tiger Beer website a profile of the artist was created which included the Facebook commenting function.

The overall objective of the event was to increase the awareness of Tiger Beer within the music and arts community. With 5,700 new fans and 39,181 page views on the Tiger Beer website, this goal was achieved. The campaign success was capped off with a sold out event.


Campaign strategy, conversation planning & Social Media management, Facebook Application development, website development, app integration


5,700 new fans (350% growth)

1,815 votes

7,763 music track plays

39,181 page views over the competition