The Value of Personalizing Content and Communications

1st Jul, 2016

Increases Visitor Engagement

Quickly connect visitors to what they want and they’re more likely to take action.

Increases Conversions

The more visitors to the website, the greater opportunity for conversions.

Freshens Website for Future Visits

To keep customers coming back, they expect to see new content and offers that fit their needs.

Happily, personalized content has a great deal of value for both customers and vendors. 

Happily, personalized content has a great deal of value for both customers and vendors. For customers, it’s usually pleasing to be greeted as a real person and to receive the most relevant information to help with buying decisions. For companies, it’s a lot more productive and fun to communicate with customers on a truly individual level, to connect them to the content that they desire, and really help them with purchases.

Content that has the personal touch contributes to building lasting relationships, drawing customers back to purchase again, and often leads to customers recommending brands and websites to colleagues and friends. When relevant customized content is delivered to customers, they perceive vendors as truly understanding their needs and wants. Such perceptions spotlight companies as being committed to truly supporting customers to help them get the most out of products, solve their problems, and figure out the best way to make purchases.

Personalized content can point the way to help the customer to move forward, whether making a purchase or taking important next steps in the buying journey. This contributes to converting more visitors into customers or users. Customized communications resonate more strongly with customers because the content has timely relevance for what the customer wants to do. On the other hand, most customers have no interest in generic content and messaging. These days, “one-size-fits-all” content does more harm than good.

At the most basic level, content personalization can bring in more traffic for websites – and increases time on site for improved SEO. It’s critical to utilize the first seconds of a website visit to grab visitor interest and quickly show them what the site has to offer and what their next steps are. Customized content keeps the website fresh for each individual visit. Visitors look forward to finding something new that will interest them with each return to the site. This results in fewer lost opportunities.

Personalization also contributes to good sales conversations earlier in the buying journey. Through the customer data analytics “behind” personalization, sales people have accurate and timely information to use for more meaningful conversations with customers, based on detailed knowledge of customer interactions with website and email content, and other related customer data.