SUBJECT: Laneways Email You Can’t Ignore from UNION

15th Mar, 2013
by Reece

There's a bunch of things we love about St. Jerome’s Laneways Festival: the outstanding emerging artists and talents that we discover every year (despite not recognising a more than one band name on the line-up); it’s close to home - no need to pack a tent for this Auckland City outing; it's smack-bang in the middle of the Kiwi summer, not to mention on Auckland Anniversary Day; throw in a generous helping of bum bags, visors and hipsters sporting clothing that would have been illegal in your Uncle Graham’s era, and what you have is a mighty-fine city festival.

It's fair to say we got pretty darn excited about Laneways this year, so much so that we are a little hazy on the day’s festivities. But what we do remember - and remember well - is how well their email campaigns worked, that’s because we wrapped, packed and dispatched them for the good folk at Laneways. 

What we know and remember:

  • Emails delivered: 6,000
  • Average Open Rate: 45%
  • Average Click Rate: 25%
  • Pre-Sale Tickets Sold: 100% (all 200 tickets gone in one email)
  • Capacity Crowd: Check! (6,000 punters cutting shapes at Silo Park)

Keep an eye out for the cyber mailman to deliver you more Laneways goodness later in the year when the 2014 edition approaches. In the meantime, delight in the official Laneways Festival photography from their Flickr feed.