Selling the most beautiful sleep ever made

16th Jan, 2017

A brief for a beautiful sleep

Sleepyhead’s Sanctuary Mattresses are hand crafted from some of the world’s most luxurious materials. If there was ever a mattress that could be mistaken for a work of art, this is it.

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We weren’t just asked to sell the mattress; we needed to sell an aesthetic and aspirational lifestyle to our affluent audience. The experience needed to communicate the feeling of sleeping in the lap of luxury. High fashion and elegant interior design play a role in creating such an aspirational aesthetic, so we decided to present the mattress in this world.

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Highlight the craft, honour the process.

At the beginning of the experience the mattress is portrayed as a supporting piece of the composition. As the viewer scrolls, multiple compositions are revealed. Each panel narrows down the focus to a specific area of craftsmanship or technology that’s required to make such a high quality mattress.The end result is an emotionally rich, evocative experience that communicates the feeling of the most beautiful sleep ever made.

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