Why Personality Matters

14th Apr, 2014

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Hyper Island interviewed 500 leading businesses to take a deeper look into what drives their decisions when considering new employees. What they found might may not surprise you, but it illustrates that having your nose to the grindstone and acquiring the best tech in the world just isn't enough.

Of the 500 business leaders surveyed, an overwhelming 78% listed ‘Personality’ as the most important characteristic they look for in new employees followed by ‘Cultural Alignment’ (how well they mesh with the values of the company) and finally, 'Skillset'. So why does skillset rank below personality and cultural alignment? The nature of the digital landscape can answer that.

Technology changes rapidly, and the way we create and interact with it means skills become outdated pretty quickly. Therefore, how you work with a team, the creativity you bring to the table, and the drive to move projects forward become naturally more desirable characteristics. We begin to see that future proofing has less to do with tech or new tools, but rather lies in unlocking the potential of your team and getting the most out of what you’ve already seen in them.

We’ve partnered with the curators of this study, Hyper Island, to bring their Open Master Class to New Zealand for the first time ever on June 4-6 2014. The session aims to teach businesses how to get in the right space to set in motion an attitude of change that ultimately helps you to grow, and better understand where your business operates in a digital environment.

If you dare to challenge your own perception of how you operate your business then check out this video on what leading NZ businesses had to say about their experience at the Sydney Open Master Class 2013, read our full write up here.