Mission Bay Served on Ice with Tasty Results

6th May, 2013
by Reece Witters


Increase awareness and participation of the ‘Mission Bay on Ice’ event located at Mission Bay throughout the April school holiday period. Execute an integrated campaign – with consideration to the ever-increasing mobile user bracket - to drive engagement, increase email database subscribers, Facebook fans, and participation of the event using a family-friendly incentive.


Increase Mission Bay, The Promenade’s Facebook fan base by 25%, exceed 500 entries in mobile and desktop entry mechanics. 

The hook of a strong social object can’t be ignored, but the success of the campaign lies with the way this social object was delivered across multiple channels.


The success of Mission Bay On Ice digital campaign belongs to a fully integrated and targeted execution of what was a hugely desirable social object – an ice skating rink at Mission Bay. The ice skating rink itself was indeed a fantastic hook to engage users, but the impressive numbers belong to how this hook was delivered.

With radio and print building key awareness, digital had a solid platform to launch from. This was capitalised with hugely impressive numbers from mobile entries (which included some via QR code), where users found the incentive of the campaign appealing and following through to entry using a simple entry form mechanic. Users were encouraged to enter for the chance to WIN one of five family passes to participate at Mission Bay On Ice.

This combined with a balanced, yet active, social media offering, nudged along with a healthy ad spend targeting specific demographics and regions, resulted in much momentum and hugely positive campaign results.


  • Campaign strategy, conversation planning & social media management
  • Facebook Application development – entry mechanic catered for both mobile and desktop users (QR codes pointed to the Mission Bay On Ice mobile entry form)
  • Email marketing creation and delivery
  • Highly targeted Facebook advertising
  • Website design and development


1,231 New Facebook Fans – that’s an increase of 87.06%

1,800 Total Facebook Application Views

744 Facebook Entries

843 Mobile Entries

3,757 Facebook Link clicks via our Bit.ly link