10 Weeks, 125+ Contenders, 1 Miss Tui

1st Jan, 2013
by Reece Witters


Unearth and celebrate the one New Zealand female Tui advocate who showcases the Tui brand pillars: Worthiness; Irreverence; Camaraderie and Ingenuity, most effectively in a ‘beauty’ contest with a Tui twist.


Increase database and social channel subscribers with a UGC-rich campaign which encourages participants to connect with other Tui advocates, and leverages various media channels for participation.

The Miss Tui 2011 announcement article crashed the Dominion Post website. It wasn’t our fault.


Word went out that Tui were on the hunt for the ‘Queen of all things Tui’ - Miss Tui, incentivised by a front cover magazine shoot, cash and a generous Tui-based package. Incentives were also on offer for ‘runner-up’ contestants.

Over 10 weeks, Miss Tui hopefuls ran their own campaign using individual user profiles run off the Miss Tui campaign platform on the Tui.co.nz website. Weekly challenges were set and rewarded with ‘pins’ for a ‘sash’ upon suitable completion.  Challenges such as ‘create your own Facebook Page; UGC concepts like ‘Get a photo with someone famous’, and ‘Get on radio and TV’ were set to drive the campaign awareness far and wide using all media channels available.

Users were encouraged (by both Tui and entrants) to participate by voting with an incentive to win weekly prizes, signing up to the Tui database to do so. A highly engaged community of Tui advocates had developed by the time the finalists were announced.


  • Campaign strategy, conversation planning & Social Media management
  • Facebook Application development
  • Media placement and management
  • Website development including a purpose built competition engine


125 contestants

1,100 images and 100 videos created, loaded and shared by contestants

73 individual Facebook pages created - generating 79,974 referrals back to our site

43 Twitter accounts; hosted 16 of their own competitions on Facebook

Polluted the airwaves 7 times on radio; got on TV twice!

172,566 Tuians visited Miss Tui (1 from Zimbabwe) & ogled our beauties 596,593 times