Enjoy the freshly optimised New World and Pak’nSave mobile websites

28th Aug, 2015
by David Georgievski

New World and Pak’nSave. We've all had the pleasure of shopping at one of these great New Zealand supermarkets. However, Union can now proudly say that we've also had the pleasure of creating great mobile web experiences for these iconic brands. We've officially crossed the line of “don’t shop where you eat” (or something like that).

Foodstuffs wanted to rework their existing mobile websites to create a better fit for purpose, that is to say, provide a better experience to customers accessing the New World and Pak’nSave websites on mobile devices. Surfacing more content in an accessible way, allowing for easy content updates, providing a better click through experience from email, and personalising the mobile experience based on location.

We answered the brief by putting ourselves in the shoes of a shopper, thinking about the user “on the go”. Integrating within the current Umbraco CMS, Union Digital was able to successfully optimise for a mobile experience, yet still provide an accurate representation of the desktop site, and relevant features and functionality. The custom created Umbracotemplates also enable Foodstuffs to load and update content whenever they like, with minimal operational change.

After successfully building the New World mobile site, we were able to leverage key learnings while working to complete the new Pak’nSave mobile website. While each site independently evolved during build, they do share the same commitment to user experience, adopting similar UX rules. This not only helped Foodstuffs from a production efficiency perspective, it also works to provide Foodstuffs’ customers with a consistent and comprehensive user experience across the brands.

So next time you’re on the go, enjoy the freshly optimised New World and Pak’nSave mobile websites. Or, if you’re one of those weird people who enjoy viewing mobile sites on your desktop, you can still check them out here http://m.newworld.co.nz/ and here http://m.paknsave.co.nz/