Heineken Goes Live With Heineken Live

8th Oct, 2013
by Reece Witters

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Heineken’s latest digital adventure has arrived in the form of Heineken Live.

We sat down with global beer giant Heineken to create something in the online world that was special and different for their fans and consumers.

The result of months of planning was Heineken Live.

Heineken Live provides Kiwis with the chance to be among the first to hear about upcoming gigs, and how they can get there all courtesy of Heineken - as well as access to the exclusive new Heineken Green Room connected to Auckland’s Vector Arena.

The Heineken Live platform allows registered users to access exclusive content, news, editorials, and album reviews, as well as the updates on the usual smorgasbord of Heineken events - the UEFA Champions League, the Heineken Open, and much more.

Be Heineken’s guest, step inside Heineken Live by clicking here.