Fisher & Paykel Celebrates Rich Silver Ferns History

8th Oct, 2013
by Reece Witters

Fisher & Paykel are supporting the Silver Ferns and their loyal customers with a campaign that promotes both cooking and netball in a fun social media-based competition. makes use of Stackla, a social media aggregation platform that pulls in content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fans are asked to share a netball memory using #FPNetball on Instagram or Twitter, or from within Stackla to be in to win incentives such as a VIP cooking experience with the Silver Ferns.

Extras include:

  • Videos - check out Silver Ferns sharing their best netball memories
  • Special deals for netball fans - bonus gifts for F&P customers

* is yet another great campaign where we have collaborated with our close friends, and building neighbours, New Zealand Sponsorship Agency (NZSA). NZSA have had a close working relationship with Fisher & Paykel for some time now, and like previous campaigns before, it was a no-brainer to join forces with our experiential-marketing-specialist-friends to create an awesome, multi-channelled, integrated campaign for this great client. Love your work NZSA!