Facebook Relax Rules

2nd Sep, 2013
by Reece Witters

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This drastic punishment used to be the case, but Facebook have just made an update to Page Terms with regards to administering promotions on the platform to allow such promotions.

In short, Facebook has finally relaxed the rule against incentivising native engagement on Timeline, no longer are promotions only confined to apps. E.g. “LIKE this post for the chance to WIN!”; “The best caption on this image scores a dozen beer”, etc, etc.

We will most likely see this type of activity used by smaller pages looking for ways to make quick-and-easy giveaway promos or offers - something that has been happening all along despite the rules not allowing it. My humble guess is that Facebook must have got to the point where they decided they couldn't police it any longer. Some (rather large) pages were being made scapegoats, while others freely broke the rules. Low level promotions were the Wild West of Facebook, so to speak.

Does this change signal the end of apps on Facebook? Absolutely not. The vast majority of campaigns we create for our clients at UNION will still be housed in applications on Facebook to allow us to capture user data that our clients ultimately own.

What’s the big news then? This new rule change allows us to quickly get a promotion up on Facebook for our clients to surprise and delight our fans with nice offers and rewards.  Everyone wins.

In addition, this update to the Page Terms has also now given us the ability to use the ‘Like’ button as a voting mechanism. Watch out for this to be used increasingly on campaigns where user voting is involved.

You can read about the Page Terms changes here:

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