Drinkworks' site gets a freshen up

16th Jan, 2017

Attract talent. Sell beer.

Earlier this year, Drinkworks (Dominion Breweries’ sales and marketing arm across the ditch) approached us to design and develop their new website. Capable of attracting the best sud salesmen and women in Australia, the new site had to communicate Drinkworks’ passionate team spirit and showcase their portfolio of premium international beers.

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A beer fuelled balancing act.

Better wages. Bigger clients. Swankier offices. The truth is there are plenty of reasons why people are attracted to a new employer. Drinkworks had two main pulling cards. Their awesome brands and their awesome team. Balancing brand collateral, team member info and Drinkworks’ visual identity in one site quickly became our biggest challenge.

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Drinking in a visual treat.

Combining brand assets, candid team photography and illustration, Drinkworks.com.au utilises the visual storytelling power of fully responsive widgets to strike a balance between their brands and their company culture.

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Results worthy of a toast

From the homepage, navigation is simple. Subtle CTAs guide the user through the Drinkworks story, urging them to take the next step and pick up the phone for a chat. The content’s laid back tone helps distance Drinkworks from the corporate beer industry. Colloquial language makes users feel as comfortable on the site as they would be as an employee.

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