Bringing Online and Offline

13th Mar, 2013
by Matt Townsend

What is it about the main stage at R&V, jumping off the rocks at Maraetotara, or watching the AB’s win at Eden Park? It excites our senses, makes us feel alive, makes us feel a part of something that other people know but that each of us can own – ‘cause we have been there!!

We have been running digital campaigns for a number of years now, and while the tools have changed, and the ways in which we can interact with users have become more sophisticated, there is a basic premise that still holds true – if we can create experiences that people can truly feel a part of then we have a better chance of success.  If we can give people experiences that they love then they will feel closer to our brand.

The trouble is, it is much harder to create things that people can truly feel a part of when they are sitting in front of a screen.  We try, and there are great tools that are making our job easier by the day – social networks, rich media, online communities – but the fact remains, spending more time on social networks does not help us feel emotionally closer to offline network members. 

So what do we do? We create opportunities for people to live vicariously through other’s experiences… felt or enjoyed through imagined participation in the experience of others… as our good buddies at NZ Sponsorship Agency say “if it’s not good enough to share then it’s not good enough”. 

We have run a number of fully integrated experiential and digital campaigns in recent years, and every time the results blow our predictions out of the water:

1,689,684 minutes of content watched through the Telecom BackingBlack You Tube channel last year

06:13 average time on page for our F&P SilverChefs campaign

44,285 votes on Miss Tui 2011

For us, these numbers start to represent the power of experiential-digital campaigns.  All of this content was generated through real-life experiential activity.  Give people something that they can interact with, they can feel a part of, and give them the tools to brag to their mates - they will do the rest of the job for you.