Laying the foundations for Beca's digital future

17th Jan, 2017

Building a thing of beauty

Beca, one of New Zealand’s largest engineering consultancies tasked us with creating a website that attracts the very best engineering talent, builds client confidence and serves as a hub to unite their workforce across 19 different countries.

Although they consistently work on some the world’s most innovative engineering projects, a lot of Beca’s work wouldn’t find its way into an art gallery. Showcasing their life changing projects and establishing their employees as thought leaders in an aesthetically pleasing and engaging way provided the perfect challenge for the design team to sink their teeth into.

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Easy to use, engaging to look at

Taking a little under 5 months to design and develop the new is a visually stimulating, fully responsive, mobile optimised web experience. Full width widgets provide ample space for engaging imagery and large, tabloid styled headlines help inject Beca’s unique tone of voice into the experience.

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The decision to build the site using Kentico CMS 9 allows the Beca team to easily and efficiently update content whilst maintaining the consistency of the visual design. Staff contributors from every department of the business are represented via blog postings and stories, making the website a well-rounded hub of information for staff, clients and potential employees.

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Key metrics get a big boost

With the early focus on attracting engineering talent, Beca are delighted to see close to a 90% increase in visitors to the career pages. Key metrics such as total sessions, average session duration and pages per session (3.43 to 5.40) have all received a healthy bump up after going live on the 2nd of November.

The project has now moved into phase 2 and we’re delighted to be working closely with Beca to optimise the site and improve functionality for the future of Beca’s digital marketing efforts.

For the full Beca experience, visit the new site here: