Telecom's BackingBlack

15th Mar, 2013
by Matt Townsend


Create a fraternity connecting All Blacks fans to the team, and fellow fans; all powered by Telecom


Grow the Facebook fanbase to 100k+ Create a best practice digital asset for Telecom New Zealand

IMAGINE... the fanclub that united fans and the All Blacks as one...


In 2010 the BackingBlack fan club came to life in the form of a variety of online channels, combined with a series of experiential events allowing fans to get closer to the All Blacks than ever before. Currently sitting at over 148,000 Facebook fans we've made significant gains in attracting and retaining the eager eye of All Blacks supporters. A key component is video content capture and posting of highly entertaining and exclusive content from within the All Blacks camp, using this to drive high levels of engagement including likes, shares and comments.


Campaign strategy, conversation planning & Social Media management, Facebook Application development, video Live Streaming (including a Sports Cafe series exclusive on Facebook}, media placement and management, website (microsite) developmens


659,000 fans reached through BackingBlack Facebook activity in a single month

1,124,805 video views through the BackingBlack YouTube channel

1,689,684 estimated minutes of content watched through BackingBlack YouTube last year

1st official Asia Pacific Facebook case study