Awesome is always welcome!

17th Sep, 2013
by Reece Witters

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Are you super, bordering on super-dooper? We’re down for a natter.

If everyone was awesome, there would be no such thing as meh. We don’t hesitate to blow our own trumpet when it comes to our awesome people; because that’s the way we roll at UNION.

Brass instruments aside, we’re simply saying that we’re proud of our talented, clever, creative and AWESOME people who work here, and we’re always open for other awesome-like people to jump on the band wagon.

These music related-puns are not in any way trying to suggest that people come and go like musical chairs here at UNION, far from it. Our team is swiftly expanding as we tackle new, ambitious campaigns and projects from our wide, varied and expanding client base.

Okay, that’s enough from us; any more harping on will only lead to treble.

IN SHORT: If you’re awesome, and want to work for us, get in touch by emailing:

Chairs and cold bears!

*Zeus, pictured above, clearly displays the prerequisite level of awesome required to fit in at UNION