Precision Marketing

13th Apr, 2016
by Todd Wakrow

Union has always specialised in Campaign Delivery, whether this we across Social Media, Email or Websites, but our offering here has now evolved to a wider range of services we like to call “Precision Marketing”

With Consumers now using a huge array of digital channels, understanding how our audiences are engaging with us across different channels is vital to Marketing success. We assist our Client’s in successfully optimising their Marketing spend through a robust planning process built around understanding “What good looks like?” and then delivering engagement programs supported by a data layer which allows us to continually test and learn.

There is a lot of hype around “Big Data” these days, but ultimately we believe data is useless unless you understand how it can add value to your business, and have the tools and expertise to use it to improve performance – this combination of strategic thinking and technology is what we strive to deliver.

As good as we are nothing is ever perfect on day 1, so we implement continuous improvement programs to continually iterate based on real-world data and seek perfection.


Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy / Customer Experience Management (CxM) Program Design and Delivery / Social Media Management / Campaign Optimisation / Data visualisation / Insights Reporting