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Our Process

We think, we do, we learn...

We believe in a process of continuous improvement.  We help build better relationships between brands and consumers by listening and learning...

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Our Work

Finding the bed that’s just right

Unless you’re Goldie Locks, finding the perfect bed can be tricky. To help Sleepyhead NZ customers get those well-deserved winks, we overhauled their bed selector tool and launched a new hyper-personalised version called the Sleep Selector.

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What We Do

Strategy, planning & concept development

Strategy, planning and concept development are the first steps in for any project. 

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Our Thinking

We like to keep things simple

Kentico offers a customer experience management platform with a superior level of content customization. That’s the ‘business speak’ explanation of it at least. 

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What We Do

Digital Delivery

Web design and development has always been core to what we do.

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What We Do

Innovative Campaign Execution

Specialised in Campaign Delivery...

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In the shoes of a shopper

New World and Pak’nSave. We've all had the pleasure of shopping at one of these great New Zealand supermarkets. However, Union can now proudly say that we've also had the pleasure of creating great mobile web experiences for these iconic brands. 

Matt Th

Strategy Director

Matt Townsend

DJ ‘Top 25 Most Played’ has a keen interest in vampires and saveloy suits. This combined with an ability to manoeuvre his wagon better than Austin Powers makes him a key member of our team. 


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Our Thinking

What is Digital Customer Experience Management (CxM)?

What are the 3 core elements of Customer Experience Management and how can they make your digital marketing work harder?

6 Pillars Of Data (1)

Our Thinking


In this series of articles Richard Wright – UNION’s Insights Director discusses Data Strategy and its organisational benefits and implementation.

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Our Thinking


In this series of articles Richard Wright – UNION’s Insights Director discusses Data Strategy and its organisational benefits and implementation.


Innovation & Insights Director

Rich Wright

Rich is so committed he once turned up to work on Saturday thinking it was Friday. We started worrying when he was still at the office Monday morning eating cold baked beans.

Leah Th

Senior Digital Producer

Leah Mathews

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of sky and thunder. In UNION Digital, Zeus is Leah's enormous German Shepherd dog that comes to work on Fridays. We don’t know what we'd do without Leah, and Zeus.


Jobs To Be Done

Our Thinking


We were privileged enough to be involved with bringing Hyper Island down to New Zealand last year to run one of their Digital Masterclass’s, and whilst this was an incredible 2 days there was one concept that stuck with us above all others – Jobs To Be Done.

Data Overload

Our Thinking


In a digital world where you can measure every metric you can possibly think of, there is a real risk of it all becoming meaningless.

Carli Th

Quality Assurance Manager

Carli Botha

Carli’s a bit like Kevin Pietersen: hales from the Republic, is part of the furniture in a team that’s going places, and she’s even had a sabbatical. She’s yet to have a text scandal.


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Our Work


Connecting with your audience online.

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Our Work

Making Tui Sing

We cracked the top off Tui and blew it open with a brand new website in late 2014. As expected, outward appearances decieve the eye, for the website is chock-full of advanced tech and functionality that a real life Tui would struggle to understand. 


Senior Interactive Designer

Laura Wilson

Not only an interactive design-rock star; Laura’s also one of those people who get their kicks from super-cute cat videos. Seen the one with a cat in a shark costume riding on a vacuum? Totes amazeballs. 



Creative Director

Lee Burrow

Lee knows how to work within parameters. Growing up with only three letters to his name, he soon developed a creative knack to escape his limitations. He hopes to one day gain a fourth letter.


Our Work

Taking The Big Pain out of Little Shop

When we heard that New World was bringing back its mini collectibles, we knew we had to get in on the action. 

Charlotte _th

Senior Digital Producer

Charlotte Whiter

Charlotte is the go-to person if you need to know when school holidays are, she’s also extremely efficient at cracking a whip.  Legend has it she bakes 30-minute brownies in 20 flat.


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Our Work


Continuing the success of Pump's limited edition All Blacks labels, Union sought to extend and enhance the activation through digital.


Senior Developer

Stuart Falconer

Affectionately dubbed ‘Stu-bomb’ after the hole that he left in our office after deciding to up sticks and work from home. That lucky, dressing gown-wearing bastard.


Our Work

A/B Testing Gets Results

We elevated 1Above's website experience with a fleet of tools and landing pages to measure the best result. Better than winging it, and also better than trying to think of more aviation puns. 


Our Thinking

Native Advertising

Unlike that time your friend sounded a blowhorn in your face after a heavy night out, native advertising is all about slotting in key messaging unnoticed.


Senior Developer

Gitesh Shah

It isn't proven, but definitely no consequence that Gitesh only started working for us after the Tui Catch-A-Million promotion had finished, avoiding the old 'no employees can win' rule.

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Our Work

It all starts with a great idea.

A digitally holistic approach to campaign management means that even if you literally live under a rock, you would have heard of this one. 

Robot -cat

Our Thinking


Digital marketing trends. They are certainly around, but how do you identify the relevant ones? Also, the gold mine that is robotic cats.

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Our Thinking


In the pursuit of brand consistency across touch points, you must respect Facebook like you would a digital, illusory brother.


We are Union

Hyper Island: The Digital (R)evolution

Union brought Hyper Island's Open Master Classes to New Zealand in June 2014. Watch the video and read more about it here.


Hyper Island

Why Personality Matters.

78% of business leaders believe in the power of personality, and here's why:


Integrated Campaigns

Get a Room

Running an Integrated Campaign means getting the right people in the right room, at the right time. Possibly even at the beach. Right.


Senior Front-end Dev and UX Specialist

Mason Herber

Ignoring his namesake, Mason headed towards web design and UX. Unfortunately for him, now he just works with digital masonry. You can’t outrun your destiny, Mason!


Our Work

Black Magazine's New Website

How Black and White came together to make... Black.

Grover _UNION

Data Security Assistant


A Tuesday and Thursday part-timer only; Grover likes long walks on West Coast beaches, pig ears and courier drivers. His UNION highlights include: the day Leah brought Zeus to work.


Our Thinking

Google AdWords Quick Tips

Google AdWords tips straight from the shop floor.

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Our Work

Heineken Goes Live With Heineken Live

Heineken’s latest digital adventure has arrived in the form of Heineken Live. 

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Our Thinking

Facebook Relax Rules

Facebook has finally relaxed the rule against incentivising native engagement on Timeline, no longer are promotions only confined to apps.

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Position Available

Awesome is always welcome!

Are you super, bordering on super-dooper? We’re down for a natter.

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Our Work


A gorgeous and functional website that showcases the high quality food and service offerings as well as promoting Collective's two venues, The Wharf and Orakei Bay.

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Our Work

Fisher & Paykel Celebrates Rich Silver Ferns History

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Our Work

A True Digital Partnership

From fledgling roots working on Tui's first website we are now the lead digital partner for all digital activity across the DB brand family 

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Our Work

LOOKING GOOD: Like an All Black-A-Like

ENGAGE BackingBlack fans via Facebook to leverage Telecom’s sponsorship of The All Blacks and RETAIN positive brand association.

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Our Work

Generate Kiwisaver

Showcases Generate KiwiSaver’s offer as a KiwiSaver Investment provider to the New Zealand public and allows user’s to apply to join or transfer online. Advisor login area provides step-by-step Online Sales Tool and documentation.

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Our Thinking

User Experience: Making Memories

Meaningful and Memorable User Experiences

Crack -the -case -thumb

Our Work

Heineken – Crack the Case

To provide a New Zealand market skill based entry mechanic for the global Heineken campaign celebrating the 23rd James Bond film release, Skyfall.

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Our Work

Monteith’s Master Brand

An interactive site that profiles the uniqueness of each of the Monteith’s brews as well as showcasing Monteith’s West Coast heritage.

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We Are Union

UNION Showcased on Facebook Studio

As digital campaign specialists, we’re rather nifty when it comes to the social media ‘arena’, in particular Facebook.

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Our Work

Pakuranga Plaza

Exhibits all that Pakuranga Plaza has to offer, as well as home to basic information such as store hours & specials.

Wob Thumb

Our Work

Way Out Back

Showcasing Australian Safaris

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Our Work

And The Winner Is...

We are so thrilled to announce not one, but two awards for Wharekauhau Wine & Food Society, one of our esteemed clients.

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Our Thinking

#TrendyTimes for #Facebook

"Hashtags are more than just content filters or trending topics, they have become social cues for humor and everyday street speak, online or not." 


We Are Union

We deliver insight-led digital campaigns

From this point forward the company hereto known as Federation Media will be known as Union. Bring it.

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Our Work

Pay Today

Allow customers to take out a short-term, small loan online in minutes.

Ashley _Wild _Boar

Our Work

10 Weeks, 125+ Contenders, 1 Miss Tui

Unearth and celebrate the one New Zealand female Tui advocate who showcases the Tui brand pillars: Worthiness; Irreverence; Camaraderie and Ingenuity, most effectively in a ‘beauty’ contest with a Tui twist.

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Our Work

Tiger Translate

Tiger Translate celebrates and showcases NZ's best emerging music and artistic talent, and with input from an engaged online community, we sent the best entrants to Tiger Translate Dubai on the back of kick-ass free Tiger gig in Auckland City.

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Our Work

SUBJECT: Laneways Email You Can’t Ignore from Union

Backingblack _thump

Our Work


Used digital media to leverage the popularity of the BackingBlack offline interactions to create a truly integrated fan experience.

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Our Work

F&P's SilverChefs

Are the Silver Ferns as handy in the kitchen as they are on-court? This is the burning question we shared with Fisher & Paykel, so we threw them in the kitchen, with an award-winning chef and got the fans to decide.

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Our Work

A new era for Kensington Swan

In 2011 we had the pleasure to partner with development specialists Provoke to deliver a new website for our super client Kensington Swan, one of the premier law firms in New Zealand.

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Our Thinking

Year of Mobile

There is a massive amount of hype around mobile as a marketing channel, and despite it having been “the year of the mobile” for the last 5 years it really feels like the next 12 months will see mobile step up as a legitimate channel to go alongside the incumbents of TV and print.

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Our Work

Mission Bay served on Ice with Tasty Results

The HUGE success of Mission Bay On Ice digital campaign belongs to a fully integrated and targeted execution of what was a hugely desirable social object – an ice skating rink at Mission Bay.

Content -king-th

Our Thinking

King Content - Keeping It Real

How many predictions for the coming year have you read? And how many of them are the same?


Our Thinking

Online vs. Offline

What is it about the main stage at R&V, jumping off the rocks at Maraetotara, or watching the AB’s win at Eden Park?

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Our Work

Facebook announces the 'Chur' Button

Nothing like a good ol’ April Fools to poke a bit of fun around and make a few roosters look like headless chooks. Classic Tui, up to their usual tricks was the general response. And the response was far reaching…

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Our Thinking

Quick and Easy Productivity Hacks

As a web developer I didn’t expect to get schooled by an 85 year old woman but that’s how it went.


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Our Thinking

Responsive Email Design

Ever get that feeling you have super fat fingers when you click the wrong thing on your iPhone?

Friends -not -fans -thumb

Our Thinking

Make Friends, Not Fans

What is that thing we can do to help make our customers' lives simpler, less confusing, less alienating, more efficient, more meaningful and just plain better?

Pinterest _thumb

Our Thinking

Pinterest and the Design Process

Our design team are avid pinners, and there’s no question why.

FM Xmas Party -th

We Are Union

UNION Make Big Splash in 2012

To celebrate the pending arrival of that jolly man in the red-velvet jump suit, a gold ol’ fashioned knees-up was in order to kick off the silly season.

Device Layout2 (1)

Busting Chicken Myths for KFC

It’s not every day we’re asked to help out with a deep fried rat problem. But that’s what finger lickin’ chicken proprietors KFC came to us with in late 2016.

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Our Work

Cathedral Conversations

Public consultation at its very best...

Tailor Measure

How we think

The Value of Personalising Content

Test Mac an Ed


A digital shakeup for World Vision

Global humanitarian aid organisation World Vision put their faith in the Union team to lead their digital transformation. This was the result...


Selling the most beautiful sleep ever made

A beautifully made bed deserves a beautifully crafted website. And this new piece for The Comfort Group ticks all the boxes. 


Laying the digital foundations for Beca

An excercise in making construction sites look beautiful and giving employees a platform to flex their big old brains. 

Device Layout3 (1)

Getting Furnware ready to make its mark

New Zealand's largest educational furniture manufacturer enlist our help to make their mark and take an innovative Kiwi company to the world.